Cleaning Tips for Office & Warehouse


✓ Keep clutter to a minimum. Organization is a must for job efficiency.

✓ Electronics should be clean and free of dust.

✓ Floors should be swept and mopped to keep dust at a minimum.

✓ Replace air filters before turning on air conditioning.

✓ Clean break rooms and rest rooms are essential to employees’ health and safety. These rooms should be disinfected regularly.


✓ Proper Storage – Poor storage can damage property and create fall or fire hazards.

✓ Lighting – All lighting should be cleaned and bulbs replaced if needed.

✓ Power Sweeper - A clean warehouse floor reduces dust build up on items stored at the warehouse.

✓ Outside Areas – Clean debris from around building that has accumulated over the winter.

✓ Equipment – Check to make sure all equipment is working properly.

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Cleaning Tips for Office & Warehouse