Safety Tips for Office & Warehouse


✓ A sufficient number of outlets (wall or strip) are needed to eliminate overloading of circuits.

✓ Cords in walkway should be covered by rubber runners.

✓ Exit signs should be illuminated and visible.

✓ All fire extinguishers should be easily accessible, checked monthly and operational.

✓ All doors and locks should be in good working order.

✓ Designate a material safety data sheet area (MSDS) for onsite chemicals, containing important information regarding chemical use, storage, emergency procedures, and how to protect yourself.

✓ Establish an evacuation plan with procedures and exits indicated.


✓ Packing stations should be equipped with impact absorbing, anti-slip industrial floor mats.

✓ Warehouse should be well ventilated at all times.

✓ All employees should have name badges. All visitors should register at the main office to gain access.

✓ Overhead lighting should be adequate for all operations. Use task lighting as needed.

✓ Move heavy loads with mechanical equipment instead of manually lifting them to prevent injuries.

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Safety Tips for Office & Warehouse